DISCLAIMER : Last updated on June – 25 – 2019

BlackFriday is a blog where all black Friday Deals are posted so that you can save hundreds of dollars on the goods you purchase online.

We only list deals and coupon codes on our website and we don’t collect any kind of personally identifying information from the users on our website that includes Names, Email, Passwords.

What kind of Information we collect ?

We use some plugins that will collect some tracking information like clicks, IP Addresses.

Why do we collect this information ?

As you all know we are working as an affiliate with some websites to provides you deal, the website gives us an unique link to track our commission and we use plugins to shorten our links and to identify any sort of click-bombing from any computer generated software we use this tactic to identify the abusing IP’s and block them from our list.

We don’t collect anything personally identifiable such as Names, Email, Passwords, Credit Card Information on our website.