Norton Antivirus Black Friday Coupon Codes and Discount 2019

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Norton has been ranked as one of the best security antivirus (AV) for several years. In this review, we will see how despite some minor inconveniences, this year's version promises to follow the overall positive trend, with its excellent user interface, a high level of protection and minimal impact on the performance of your computer.

The price varies. A computer license for one year would cost $ 49.99, although usually on the Symantec website itself it can be obtained at a small discount, which would put the actual price at $ 39.99. Symantec. However, Norton Black Friday Discount and Coupon Codes 2019 can give you upto 70% OFF on regular pricing, use this Norton Black Friday Coupon codes and start saving hundreds of dollars. Norton AntiVirus home security software has a number of technologies to help prevent and eliminate malware detected in real time. It also includes a series of extras, such as a tool for in-depth scans, creation of recovery discs, scanning capabilities for Windows 8 Apps, and an important, but often undervalued phone and email support 24 hours a year. When making your purchase.

The Norton interface remains one of the most streamlined and easy to use. The information that appears on the main screen is always kept to a minimum, preventing a large number of statistics from being displayed, and thus avoiding the typical confusion and stress. The icons on the main screen have been slightly rearranged for the 2014 version. Mainly they have reorganized some of the icons to the right of the screen at the bottom, and added a button to make backup copies. The buttons to minimize and close, in the upper right, have also changed their appearance.

It is noteworthy that this interface is very nice and compatible with the Windows 8 touch system. We have seen a great trend in many of the leading software manufacturers to make larger icons to accommodate the touch capability.

The Norton configuration is organized into three categories at the top of the screen: Computer, Network and General; Subcategories appear on the left side of the screen within those categories. Individual settings have practical green sliders, which usually means that something is activated or set to automatic, red means that something is turned off or set to "Ask me." There was no reason to modify the default settings during our tests, but advanced users will put on their boots.

Running a scan with Norton requires approximately two clicks on average, unless it is a custom analysis, where of course you have control of all the settings. Norton's scanning technology is first class; Each scanned file is checked in an online file database to determine if it is good or malicious. The advantage of this method is that even the most recent threats will not remain new for a long time. As soon as there is a file marked as invalid in the database, all computers that use Norton are informed, since they are all compared. This type of proactivity is highly effective in fighting threats.

Norton performs updates automatically, although users can do it manually using LiveUpdate. Norton performs updates, "pulses," every 10-15 minutes. Intervals much shorter than normal. (We expect updated reports every hour.)
Browser Integration

Norton is automatically complemented by major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. An icon next to the links of the web pages tells us whether it is safe or not. You can usually rely on the major search engines to get "secure" links (ie, malware-free), but double security is always appreciated - especially by those with little knowledge of computer science.