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As we have already mentioned elsewhere on this site, we strongly recommend that you should use a VPN to protect yourself while browsing the web. There are several reasons for this, it is not just a matter of privacy and freedom, although these are certainly important considerations.

When the Internet was first made available, it was very poorly regulated and offered a new way to share information without the intervention or supervision of governments, corporations or any other entity.

But as with many of the revolutionary ideas, there appeared those who either felt threatened or saw an opportunity for exploitation. At this time, if you browse online without being protected by a VPN, you are subject to censorship, control and blocking - and you will be vulnerable to those who would like to steal your personal data for a variety of harmful purposes.

The only way to maintain your freedom and to avoid censorship and vigilance while protecting your identity and privacy is by using a VPN. We are dedicated to providing you with up-to-date and unbiased reviews of the superior VPN services available and we are committed to the idea of a free and open Internet. We only review the VPN services we have tested and have earned a reputation for reliability and discretion.

IPVanish is one of the companies that has proven to be reliable in terms of maintaining your privacy, while offering a service that works very well and is available at a reasonable price. We believe that IPVanish is one of the best VPN services available, but As always, we suggest that you compare several services before buying a plan from any of them.

An overview of IPVanish

IPVanish is a VPN service based in the United States that offers its clients safe and secure Internet browsing for a fixed fee. The company has been present since 2012 and in that time it has done a good job of expanding and improving its products. IPVanish only offers one level of service, but in several pricing options depending on the duration of the contract.


You have the choice between a one month plan, a three month plan and an annual plan. IPVanish does not currently offer a free VPN, but it has a money-back guarantee for 7 days so you can try the product before making the effective payment. IPVanish offers high performance, reliability and high speeds. They have one of the longest lists in the countries of all the VPN services we know (58) and offer one of the best privacy policies of all - IPVanish does not record or store your activity online.

IPVanish is also one of the few companies around to offer a level 1 network

they own and operate all of their own infrastructure, including servers and software. This means faster and more reliable performance than most other VPN services.

IPVanish provides users with two simultaneous connections


  • IPVanish offers the three most common protocols: PPTP, L2TP
  • OpenVPN. IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption.
  • OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an advanced open source protocol and the best available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux desktop users. Its main drawback is the lack of compatibility with some mobile devices.


IPVanish offers very good performance, with some of the fastest speeds available. IPVanish is especially fast for North American users, but still a good option for any user anywhere. The fact that they own and operate all of their servers and infrastructure means high speeds and reliability. There are few VPNs in the market that can match or exceed IPVanish, but as always, speeds are somewhat dependent on the user's location.


IPVanish has free mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. You can find and download in the iPhone App Store and Google Play. The IPVanish VPN Client is available for Windows, OS X, Android and Apple devices. There is also a manual installation option that is available for Ubuntu users. IPVanish also works with DD-WRT routers.


As we mentioned earlier, IPVanish is one of the best companies in terms of its privacy policy. IPVanish does not record any of your online activity. They have even modified their non-registration policy (as of April 2014) to include troubleshooting user connection information. This is one of the reasons we give IPVanish those high marks. Few companies have demonstrated this level of commitment to the protection of user privacy.


IPVanish provides excellent support for its customers. Currently, live chat support is limited to office hours, but they have a dedicated 24/7 staff of technicians and support staff who are very quick with the responses. There have been some reports about live chat support being offline during operating hours, but personally we have not had problems with this.

IPVanish offers three plans, all with the same features and performance. The differences are the length and only the prices. IPVanish is available as a month, three month or annual contract. Go to the IPVanish website to check prices and discounts for each of the current plans.

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