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Avira probably has the best logo, or umbrella, of the antivirus we reviewed. What is a better symbol of protection against a rainy day from viral infection? Unfortunately, I can't stand it correctly. Here we review Aviria Antivirus Pro 2019 for Mac. You can find more options in the best recruitment of antivirus for Mac.


Avira Antivirus Pro pays $ 44.99 per year for up to five installations at a cost of £ 29.99 per year, one of the lowest prices for antimalware applications. It applies to a single computer. RRP is clearly £ 35.88, so be careful when the time comes to renew.

Avira Antivirus Pro installation

The installation of Avira Antivirus Pro was one of the simplest methods for antivirus applications. The installer is tedious and takes the necessary steps to enable the kernel module and enable full disk access with a few clicks. This is scary for those who don't understand the inside of macOS, so Avira's work is welcome.

Malware scan results

The first test was completed in just two hours running a full scan on a real Mac. Test the score associated with other malware protection programs that may be faster or slower to scan your system. However, the speed of Avira Antivirus Pro is slightly lower than the average speed of other anti-malware programs.

When we tried a second scan a little later, it took the same time again. Avira Antivirus Pro does not contain the same technology as other antimalware programs, so you can see which files have not changed since the last scan. This can greatly accelerate the scan.

During the exploration, the Activity Monitor in macOS reported 30-70% of the three different cores of the eight virtual cores in our i7 2.8GHz Mac and approximately 80% of the cores used. If you are performing intensive tasks at the same time, such as games or video file encoding, you may notice the impact.

Avira Antivirus Pro did not update virus definitions automatically the first time it was installed, or the first time it ran a critical system scan. We were using a four month definition.

Updates can be made using the options in the menu that appears when you click on the icon in the menu bar. Unless you forget to do this before performing the scan, many other anti-malware programs automatically update virus definitions invisibly, but don't even think about it.

However, Avira's protection cloud function may mean that this is not important to some extent. Upload a fingerprint of "suspect executable file" in the cloud for analysis (support documentation only refers to the type of Windows program). Antimalware definitions in the cloud are always up to date and may not depend on the use of local versions.

Extract malware samples

However, when using Protection Cloud, the results of the release of 26 malware samples recently discovered in the system were disappointing. Avira Antivirus Pro did not detect Adwind, DarthMiner or WireLurker. I missed LamePyre when it was implemented in my system. I captured LamePyre when I was running an application that contained malware.

It is said that the VirusTotal database is unusual with respect to certain samples of this malware, since Avira has announced that it will try to capture the three lost by Avira. Another antimalaware application detected Google

But we cannot escape the conclusion that this is one of the worst results we have seen when reviewing anti-malware programs.

In addition, the pop-up warning that malware was detected and cured is too basic, says "detection processed" and check the log file for more details. We want these pop-ups to shine reliably and brightly, and let us know exactly what happened and what actions were taken.

The log file can be directed to the Isolation section of the application, where you can choose to identify where the malware is on the disk and delete it permanently. I felt I was researching the application to find important information. Why are you hiding this?
Additional characteristics

This lack of information extends to the Avira online account, which allows you to view details about analysis, updates and security events on the device or computer where you installed Avira Antivirus Pro. Unfortunately, with our test bench facility, this information It just didn't work with the space that should be marked as "There are no new events."

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