NordVPN Black Friday Coupon Codes, Discount and Deals 2019

NORDVPN Black Friday Coupons and Discount Deals 2019 : Grab Best VPN deal from Nord VPN for as less as 2$/month.

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Internet with total security? Yes, that is possible if a VPN is used. The VPN service, NordVPN, also offers you the ability to browse online while protecting your data and identity. It also allows you, finally, to access all restricted content. NordVPN offers a range of very secure and fast remote servers. NordVPN offers you standard features but also some advanced ones that make it a very useful and affordable VPN product.

NordVPN is available in many languages such as English, Spanish, Portugese. Just change the language and select your desired language from the menu at the bottom right of the screen.

The use of a VPN is essential

The reasons for using a VPN service vary depending on the needs of each user: their online customs, types of websites, connection efficiency, etc. A VPN (Virtual Private Server) serves as a  gateway between you and the site you want to access, so that your IP changes and so you can browse anonymously to protect all your data.

Thus, a VPN and a virtual IP address can be used to:

• Protect your online activities in a general way

• Protect your confidential data when using a public wi-fi connection

• Avoid online ads more effectively and make it difficult for online advertisers to follow you

• Avoid restrictions set based on your location

• View videos, including restricted ones

• Improve your connection speed thanks to a selection of nearby servers

For all these reasons, among others, VPN services are very useful, even indispensable. You might find it essential, for example, to have an IP whose server is located in another location. The main objective is to surf the Internet safely. And this is what NordVPN offers you.

More information about NordVPN

This VPN service has been created by a company located in Panama. Currently, it is among the best VPN services. Its functions combined with its very affordable rate (from $ 4 per month in 12-month passes) make it one of the most popular VPNs.

The VPN service, NordVPN, allows Windows and Mac OS users to choose between PPTP, L2TP / IPSec and OpenVPN protocols (encryption methods). These three methods are available for iOS devices and also Android. NordVPN uses the PPTP or OpenVPN protocol with Linux. The use of OpenVPN remains the most popular and it is advisable to opt for this type of protocol whenever possible to obtain maximum security.
NordVPN works simultaneously

Few VPN services propose it, but NordVPN does. You can use up to two peripheral devices simultaneously with NordVPN. Thus, you can use the program with your network router and protect network devices instead of with individual peripherals such as other VPNs.


NordVPN offers more than 80 locations for its servers throughout the world, in 27 different countries such as:


Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Iceland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States.


NordVPN Functions

Here is a summary of some of the functions offered by NordVPN and that have caught our attention. NordVPN offers the basic functions of any good VPN but also more advanced ones so that your online activities are ultra-secure.

Double data encryption

NordVPN's "DoubleVPN" technology encrypts data twice. Currently, only NordVPN proposes this double security to protect your online activities.

High connection speed

NordVPN improves your connection speed. In addition, you can more easily access streaming videos and your favorite online games. Browsing the Internet has never been so enjoyable.

Super-fast services

NordVPN, means more than 80 server locations in the world and also in 27 different countries, including 6 regions of the United States.


If your VPN connection is momentarily out of service, the "kill switch" option will instantly stop any Web site you have specified beforehand. For Torrent, for example, this prevents any accidental exposure of your personal data.

Unlimited Bandwidth

NordVPN allows you to access restricted websites until then. You will have access to Hulu, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Sky, RaiTV and others. Websites blocked, P2P sharing service, or VOIP applications? Unlock them now.

"Torover VPN" and confidentiality

Unlike other VPN services that do, NordVPN does not collect information about your data or your online activities. Your data is secured by Tor and there is no risk of any trace of them or that they can be detected. NordVPN does not control your online activities.

NordVPN Compatibility

This VPN service is compatible with: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can also use it with your consoles and other devices and even in some cases on the network router.

The advantages of NordVPN

- Encrypted Tchat - Encrypted tchat session by self-suppression for up to 5 people
- Web Proxy - A free proxy tool that allows you to select the country of your choice
- Proxy Extension - A special extension for Google Chrome
- Youtube - A special proxy for YouTube

NordVPN customer service

In addition to a really complete "Frequently Asked Questions" section, this program also has a customer service available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

It also offers an online customer service system through a live chat through its website and technical support through the phone or by email.

NordVPN Black Friday Coupon, Discount Codes and Deals 2019

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