DJI Mavic 2 Black Friday Deals 2019 [Pro, Zoom] on Amazon, Walmart, Ebay

Looking for DJ Mavic 2 Black Friday deals 2019 on various stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Target and WalMart ? This article will show you all possible deals on DJI Mavic 2 Black Friday Deals.

DJI Mavic 2 Black Friday Deals 2019

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DJI Mavic 2 Review and Specifications :

Beyond the innovation and technology that they integrate, the true value of DJi with its drones has always been to allow us to see from a different perspective. Now with the new Mavic 2 Pro we have that and an important leap in image quality that makes it an object of desire.

Today we have analyzed one of the latest models, which incorporates a camera signed by Hasselblad as the main difference from the Mavic 2 Zoom. If you are interested in drones in general and DJi in particular here is our review.

The new Mavic 2 are at first glance very similar to the already known Mavic Pro. A drone with folding design, small dimensions and quite attractive. But when we look at it calmly we begin to appreciate the details that differentiate it and make a more advanced drone.

Beyond the slight change in dimensions, what first attracts attention is that we have two models, Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom. Both share features except for the camera. In the first one we have a Hasselblad 1 ”sensor while in the second one a camera with a 1/23” CMOS sensor with the ability to make optical zoom without loss of quality thanks to its 24-48mm lens.

The use of different cameras offers of course different results. While the Mavic 2 Pro, a model analyzed by us, is aimed at those looking for superior image quality; The Mavic 2 Zoom offers more versatility with those options such as 2X optical zoom or Dolly Zoom mode.

In the rest of the features, as we said, they coincide, taking advantage of, among other improvements, the omnidirectional obstacle detection system, the quieter flight system or the greater speed and range that OcuSync 2.0 allows.

All this at a price that although it is true that it is greater than seen with the DJi Spark or Mavic Air is also not out of range seeing everything it offers and the experience we have had with it.

The design of a drone should be valued for its impact on functionality and experience rather than purely aesthetics. But if you combine both better. The Mavic 2 is a very attractive drone that improves small aspects compared to its previous generation. Although I still think that of all DJi folding, Mavic Air is still my favorite.

With similar dimensions, same quality of materials and a somewhat rougher plastic, the Mavic 2 retains the same folding system. This makes it still as convenient to store and transport at the same time as easy and fast to get flying with it. But in addition to this we see the most interesting points.

The first is that the drone is a little heavier, justified by the battery that is a bit larger and gives an extra 4 minutes of autonomy. Little can you think but important for the usual autonomy of drones.

DJI Mavic 2 Black Friday Deals 2019 on Amazon, Target and Walmart

DJi Mavic 2 Black Friday Deals 2019 on Target, Amazon and Walmart are live and can be purchased at DJi Mavic 2 Black Friday deal and you can save hundreds of dollars using this deals.


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