Best GoPro Hero 6 Black Friday Deals 2019 Amazon [USA, UK, Canda, Australia]

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GoPro Hero 6 Black Friday Deals 2019 : GoPro Hero Black Friday deals are live now, buy any of your GoPro Camera such as GoPro Hero8 , GoPro Hero 7 and if you’re looking for GoPro older models we have also listed them in this list below.

GoPro Hero 6 Black Friday Deals 2019

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GoPro Hero 6 Features and Review :

GoPro has announced its new action camera: the GoPro Hero 6. The Hero series has been the most successful action camera of the brand and, although at first glance it looks the same as the Gopro Hero 5 saves great changes inside.

To open your mouth we can tell you that it makes better photos, shoots better video and is what the company calls a “smart camera” thanks to its personalized GP1 chip.

Here you have everything you need to know about the new GoPro Hero 6 Black.


  • It is totally aquatic (10 meters deep)
  • It has two screens, one front and one rear.
  • Its exterior design is practically the same as the Hero 5.
  • It is small, square and waterproof.

There is a small colorless screen on the front, next to the camera and a larger color touch screen on the back to use as a viewfinder. This also acts as the touch user interface window that allows you to quickly change shooting modes, access settings, etc.

The camera is still small enough to fit in smaller pockets, Having the same design as the previous model is not very good for the company but for the consumer, why? Easy, this means that you can continue using your “old” accessories like Drone Camera

Processor, photo and video

The Gopro Hero 6 has:

  • HEVC video codec
  • A new algorithm for stabilization
  • RAW and HDR photos

One of the novelties of the new camera is the GP1 processor. It is custom designed and allows features that were not available before.

Perhaps most importantly, this new action camera can now record both 4K at 60 frames per second, and 1080p at 240 frames per second. This means that you can get stunning images in slow motion in HD, and a much smoother ultra HD image.

Along with that, the Hero 6 captures the video of the HEVC codec, which means that the camera will also not spend as much battery, while still having a fantastic image quality at low bitrate.

GP1 also allows a new stabilization algorithm. Therefore, while the camera has no mechanical / optical stabilization, this new algorithm must produce final results that appear to have been shot with a gimbal. Or at least, that’s what GoPro promises.

The two largest visible improvements would be better support in low light and a better dynamic range. The best way to explain this is that you get better exposure in light and dark conditions, as well as faster exposure.

This happens when you ride a bike through the trees on a sunny day, the camera reacts very quickly to lighting changes.

Last but not least, The GoPro Hero6 also launches some great looking HDR photos with vibrant color and impressive details. More vital for photography enthusiasts; The camera has a more natural tone mapping and can record RAW, so photos in general are more similar to what the eye sees than before.

GoPro applications

Its principals and officers are GoPro Capture and GoPro Quik. GoPro Capture is your phone application that allows you to control and download files from GoPro action cameras to your smartphone.

GoPro Quik is an editing tool that allows you to quickly generate ‘editions’ (videos) using your captured content. The application can take advantage of things like accelerometer data, the best moments and even facial recognition to gather an automated edition of your day.


GP1 allows recognition of advanced actions

Stories download 3 times faster

A new feature released at the beginning of the year for GoPro users was QuikStories. In essence, it was the ability to automatically transfer images to your phone, and then have the phone magically create an edited video without having to lift a finger.

It got a lot of hype, and honestly I am not a video editing professional but if I consider myself “some of this I know,” the Quikstories are not bad, but … there is still a way.

However in Hero 6, thanks to the GP1 chip, this has improved a lot.

First, the images can be downloaded to your phone three times faster than with the Hero 5. Second, using your processor, you can use audio and telemetry tracks, as well as facial recognition to better choose the shots where you are happening the action.

This, in the end, means less time waiting for a QuikStory to be created, and less time to have to manually adjust it to get the shots you want.

Voice control and other functions

  • 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • GPS, accelerometer, Bluetooth, gyroscope
  • Voice control in 10 languages

As expected, the new GoPro Hero 6 has several sensors and connectivity options. This now includes 5GHz Wi-Fi to help get those large file transfers to your phone much faster than before.

Like the Hero 5, you can give orders to take pictures, videos turn it off … it supports 10 languages.


Actually, I’m hallucinating with the new GoPro Hero 6. Not a year ago I bought the Hero 5 (being very happy with it), but this new “bug” despite having an equal exterior design, its image quality , ease of use and new features make me seriously consider its renewal.

GoPro Black Friday Deals 2019 : Hero 6

GoPro Hero 6 Black Friday discounts are live and you can save upto 30-40% discount usually it would cost much higher but it is wise to buy this camera now as GoPro Hero 6 Black Friday Deals on Amazon will save your money.



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